Back in The Saddle

The 2013 season started a long time ago for most. For me, Mid-Ohio was my first time in the car this season and since October. Money is tight, so in order to compete in the 50th Anniversary National Championship Runoffs at Road America, I’m taking the path of least resistance. I would prefer to do it another way, but the SCCA has made a clear path that only requires three weekends of competition on the Majors Tour to gain entry. Mid-Ohio was the first of my three. The cobwebs were thick as I headed out on track for the first session. There weren’t many cars on the track that hadn’t given me a one finger salute by the end of the session(at least, that’s how it felt). The closing rates of some of the other cars was unsettling. The second session was better, but it was clear that I had work to do. I realized after that session, that I hadn’t been in the car in dry conditions for 50 months as my last weekend was rain from beginning to end. After several qualifying sessions(I was running two classes), I qualified 27th in Spec Miata out of 35 and started the STL race from the back. I finished 12th in STL out of 20 some cars and 22nd in Spec Miata after a last lap mishap that not only ruined the chance I had at 19th and points, but caused me to get passed by 2 more cars. Just out of the points and after a 5 and a half hour delay for track repairs, not a great finish, but an improvement. Sunday was a little wild in the start of the STL race with a first lap meeting causing a full course caution. Snooze fest after the restart, at least for me and another 12th. SM on the other hand, was all action. I had a great race and found 1.5 seconds a lap after following a faster car for a while. With a few passes and some attrition, I turned my 27th into a 16th and received my first National points in Spec Miata. Many times over the weekend I asked why I do this and on Sunday, the racing gods answered. Everybody from the workers to the racers to the people of Ohio were great. Thanks, racing gods…

Next up: The June Sprints at Road America

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